The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new era of awareness regarding women’s health and wellness. According to the recent CVS Health Care Insights Study, American women are increasingly aware of the value of holistic healthcare. Post-pandemic they have a new awareness of how physical health connects to social, emotional, and mental health. And they’re eager to engage healthcare providers in discussions about their health goals.

However, post-pandemic, women seem to be facing some unique health challenges.  Several studies have revealed that women are experiencing more physical and mental health issues. Anxiety levels are higher among women than men, and they find it tougher to stick with health programs and meet their goals.

Here are some of the key findings about post-pandemic women’ health from the CVS report:

  • The biggest concern for women is deteriorating eating and/or exercise habits.
  • 64% of female respondents noticed an increase, in some cases significant, in their stress and/or anxiety levels during the pandemic.
  • More than half (52%) of female respondents say their stress and/or anxiety translates into a physical health concern.

Here are some practical tips to help navigate these health challenges.

The Importance of Holistic Health

While there is definitely a place for conventional Western medicine, their approach is to provide treatment for an immediate symptom or ailment. Holistic health, on the other hand, is about caring for the whole person — providing for your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. It’s rooted in the understanding that all aspects affect your overall health. Being unwell in one aspect can affect you in others.

When they’re all in a good place, you can live each day in the healthiest, happiest way possible.

Nurturing Physical Health

One of the factors that has emerged post-pandemic is the vital role of nutrition in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What you eat literally feeds your cells. If your body does not have the correct building blocks, you will not be able to reach your health goals.

Your body is an amazing machine. It is capable of healing itself if it is given the right ingredients.

The best way to discover what your body needs to attain optimum health is to get tested by a qualified Nutrition Response Testing®  practitioner.

Another important factor of post-pandemic health is exercise. If you spent much time sitting during the pandemic, it’s time to start exercising again.

There are many ways to get moving – find one that you enjoy so it is not a chore. There are many online exercise options now, from dance classes to Chair Yoga or Tai Chi for those who need a slow and gentle exercise routine.

Holistic Health Goals

Set realistic goals for all four of the holistic health areas – physical, mental, spiritual, and social. Start small and build gradually. Focus on consistency.

If you find it hard to stay on track, work with your practitioner and get some health and nutrition coaching. Track your progress and celebrate even small milestones.

The Power of Whole Food and Natural Remedies

Holistic healthcare relies on nature to restore wellness. Instead of guessing and buying remedies at your local pharmacy or health store, your Nutrition Response Testing practitioner will put together a personalized program of supplements and remedies specifically for your body’s needs to help you achieve your health goals.

 Thriving in the Post-Pandemic Era

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of women’s health and their growing interest in holistic healthcare. Learning more about the specific needs of your body and how to provide the nutrients and supplements it needs to heal is the foundation of achieving your health goals.

Finding the right practitioner is the first step of your journey.

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