Do you wake up each day with renewed vigor and enthusiasm for the day ahead, or do you drag yourself out of bed and struggle through the day? According to statistics, it’s more likely to be the latter. About 40 million Americans are limited in their usual activities due to one or more chronic health conditions.

What is a chronic health condition?

A chronic disease is defined by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, as a disease lasting three months or longer. One of the markers markers (a condition that indicates the presence of, or increased predisposition to a medical disorder) for chronic disease is obesity and recent stats from the CDC show the rate of obesity in American adults over 20 years of age has increased from under 20% to 29% in the last 16 years!

Why is this a concern? Obesity is a major contributing factor to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes, to name just a few. Being overweight or obese raises your risk for colon, breast, endometrial, and gallbladder cancers.

And we’ve become less active – 80 percent of American adults don’t meet the criteria for physical activity guidelines. About half of all American adults—117 million people—have one or more preventable chronic diseases.

How can we avoid these preventable chronic diseases?

Eating well and being active are an essential part of maintaining your health. Nutrition is one of the essential keys to achieving good health.

There are many different methods of nutrition and diet you can follow.  They all work to a degree, but the best way to improve your health is to follow a personalized nutrition plan designed for your body’s needs.

Linda was referred to a Nutrition Response Testing ® practitioner because she’d had health challenges for quite some time.   Now, not only is the pain in her body gone, her blood pressure and cholesterol are normal. And she’s lost 20 pounds.

Once your health and your energy level improve, you can get more active. We don’t all enjoy going to the gym.  Just find an exercise activity that gives you joy and pleasure.  For some that may be riding a bicycle. For others it could be dancing.

If you have any chronic health conditions, find a certified Nutrition Response Testing practitioner and get tested, so you know exactly what your body needs. When you give your body the nutrients it requires it can start to heal itself.


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